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Muesli for rabbits and dwarf rabbits


Composed with care from high-quality ingredients. The varied composition gives the mixture a great taste and is a good source of essential fibre, vitamins and minerals. Rich in fibre and with added zinc for a good digestion and a healthy fur.


  • Complete menu with lucerne
  • Meets the daily nutritional requirements
  • Rich in fibre for a good digestion
  • Extra zinc for a healthy fur
  • Varied mixture for a high palatability

WITTE MOLEN COUNTRY(Dwarf) Rabbit 2.5 kg

  • Lucerne (22%), extruded corn, clipped oats, pea flakes, wheat bran, corn flakes, sunflower seed scraps, wheat, palm kernel scrap, wheat flakes, oat flakes, carob, beet pulp, soy, cereal shreds, molasses, carrot flakes, safflower seed, mix of minerals, lime, vegetable oil, kernels, salt

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