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Witte Molen Country is a complete hamster transport for both the Dwarf Hamster and the Hamster. This balanced hamster transport contains everything a Hamster needs to stay healthy and active. The feed consists of a mix of seeds, vegetables, grains and animal proteins. 

The hamster has a very short intestinal tract, perhaps the shortest of all mammals. This makes it important that the hamster is provided with the right food. A hamster also eats small insects in addition to seeds and grains. It is important for a hamster that he also receives the nutrients that are found in these insects. Witte Molen has taken this into account when compiling the special hamster feed.

Composed with care from high-quality raw materials. Varied as nature itself, with a tasty taste and a good source of essential dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. Fiber-rich and with extra zinc for good digestion and healthy coat. 

Complete menu with animal proteins for daily nutritional needs.

  • Fiber-rich for good digestion
  • Extra zinc for a healthy coat


  • cereals, vegetable (by-) products, vegetables, meat and animal by-products 7,9%, seeds, nuts, minerals, oils and fats, milk and (by-) products, sugar.

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