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The Hop In is a modern litter tray with top entry.

The Hop In is highly recommended for cats that stand to pee, pee backwards or like to scatter as the raised sides keep litter, liquid and dirt inside the tray. Moreover, the Hop In is also ideal for “cat and dog owners”, as it keeps litter and excrement out of reach of dogs and prevents them from entering the toilet.

The most important feature of the Hop In is the perforated, slightly sloping lid. Walking across the lid when leaving the tray, the cat litter falls through the small holes back inside. Therefore, the area around the tray stays clean and tidy.

The large opening in the lid allows easy access and exit, making the Hop In also perfect for larger cats. The daily cleaning of the Hop In is an easy job. The top lid can be hung up for scooping out waste and the integrated handles in the base make it easy to move and empty the tray.

Furthermore, the Hop In has a handy hook on the outside for hanging a litter scoop. Use the cat liner bags “Bag it Up Hop In” for easy and quick cleaning. The bags prevent urine scale and unpleasant smells in the toilet. By using “Bag it Up” you extend the lifetime of the toilet home. (scoop is not included).

Finally, a tip & trick: place the Hop In in a corner, saving space, so your cat is forced to walk on the lid with small holes when leaving the tray before jumping down.


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