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Lamb is a product rich in deficient exogenous amino acids and thus improves the biological value of the food protein. Selection of all products of animal origin ensures the quality of protein with a high digestibility coeff icient. Valuable microelements in lamb additionally supplement their content in food. The pet food includes flaxseed oil which provides balance between the polyunsaturated fatty acids from the n-6 group while their proportions make the food easily digestible. Brown rice is an addition providing the necessary amount of carbohydrates needed to regulate the metabolic processes of proteins and fatty acids. It is also a valuable source of vitamins from B group, as well as microelements. Moreover, as a source of dietary fibres, brown rice and carrots improve digestive functions in a gastrointestinal tract.

PIPER LAMB, carrot and brown rice

  • meat and animal derivatives 60% (lamb lungs 4%)

    carrots 4%

    brown rice 4%

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