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Designed for cats and small dogs, the Atlas Open carrier is perfect to bring your friend around with you. Easy to carry thanks to the fixed handle, it's suitable to take your friends with you on the most common means of transportation (car, train, ship, aeroplane). This plastic carrier comes with a solid plastic-coated steel door that closes from the outside with clips, to avoid unpleasant accidental opening during the trip. Another plastic-coated metal grid is located on the upper part. The top part can not only be opened, but it also promotes better air circulation and improves your dog's visibility. 

Very sturdy thanks to its snapping system using side hooks, the carrier comes with side grids that ensure excellent air circulation.
Easy to assemble and to clean, the Atlas Open carrier is available in three sizes, complete with food bowl and washable cotton cushion. The cushion, available in different colours and prints, will be shipped according to the items available in stock.

Models Atlas 10 and 20 are indicated for small dogs and cats, while Atlas 30 Open was particularly designed for small dogs and large cats.


  • Carrier for cats and dogs Suitable for transportation in any means of transportation Ergonomic handle Plastic-coated steel door Side fissures for air circulation Side snap latches for easy opening Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning Opening top with plastic-coated steel grid Accessories included: food bowl and washable cotton cushion You cannot select the colour of the cushion Available in different models and colours Maximum capacity Atlas 10 Open: 5 kg Maximum capacity Atlas 20 Open: 8 kg Maximum capacity Atlas 30 Open: 12 kg
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