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FELIWAY Friends 30 Day Starter Kit. Diffuser and Refill. Helps to reduce conflict in multi-cat households, helping cats get along better


  • Product Description

    FELIWAY Friends starter kit contains everything you need to start helping your cats to get along. The starter kit contains your diffuser and a 30 day refill. Ensuring your FELiWAY Friends diffuser is plugged in at all times ensures that your cats are receiving the 'cat appeasing pheromone' at all times to ensure constant harmony in your home. FELIWAY Friends is clinically proven to help cats get along better and promote a bond. The ideal tool to use if your cats fight, block resources, chase, hiss, growl and stare at each other.



    How to use the Feliway Friends Diffuser Removal the refill vial cap. Screw refill vial onto diffuser unit. Plug the diffuser into an electric socket. Leave the diffuser switched on continuously. Diffuser refill should last 4 weeks It covers an area of 50-70m2 Do not plug in behind a door, curtain or behind/underneath furniture.

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