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We know moments with your cat are precious. It’s why we created Little Lovelies – heavenly oven-baked cat treats that even the most free-spirited feline will come running to you for.

Each complementary treat is made with yummy liver, with freshly prepared chicken and turkey for an irresistible taste. And they’re packed with vitamins and taurine, so you can feel great about the extra goodness these treats bring… purrfect!

- Naturally nutritious, oven-baked treats
- Packed with proper meat
- Help support healthy eyes and heart - with essential vitamins, chelated minerals and taurine
- Made to a grain free recipe

Delicious Chicken Little Lovelies

  • Chicken (42% - Chicken Gravy 14.5%; Dried Chicken Liver 14%; Freshly Prepared Chicken 13.5%); Potato (26%); Cranberry (3.8%)


    Vegetable Oil; Plant Fibre; Vitamins and Chelated Minerals; Gelatine; Fructooligosaccharides; Herring Broth; Whey Powder; L-Carnitine; Salt; Nutritional Yeast

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