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Deli Nature Premium for Papagayo Seeds with fruits 800gr is a varied and balanced mixture will provide your parrot the nutrients needed for good nutrition, contains over 20 ingredients. The mixture meets the nutritional requirements of your parrot. All the essential nutrients are present in the correct proportions.

Deli Nature Food for African Grey 800gr

  •  Sunflower seed striped
    - White sunflower seeds
    - Safflower seeds
    - Avena blunt
    - Corn
    - Rice Paddy
    - Wheat
    - Buckwheat
    - Barley
    - Shelled Peanuts
    - Pumpkin seeds
    - Dari
    - Grain sorghum
    - Cedar nuts
    - Hemp seeds
    - Algarrobo
    - Alpiste
    - Red Peppers
    - Oyster Shells
    - White Millet
    - Puffed wheat
    - Popcorn
    - Escaramujo

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