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Deli Nature Seed Menu for African Parrot 800gr is an extremely varied and balanced mixture containing over 25 ingredients. The mixture meets the nutritional needs of African gray parrots and Senegalese. It combines a rich variety of sun-ripened seeds and high quality grains, along with protein, vegetable matter, herbs, vegetables and fruits environment natural life of African parrots.
The mixture is easily digestible and has a natural visual appearance. All the essential nutrients are present in the correct proportions.

DELI NATURE African Parrots 800gr

  • - Seeds
    - Cereals
    - Fruits min. 12% of which 16% of bananas, 16% of apple, raisins 8%, 8% chilies)
    - Nuts (min 6.5% of which 30% peanuts, pine nuts 30%, 23% of Brazil nuts.)
    - Derivatives of vegetable origin
    - Herbs (min 4%.)
    - Egg and egg products (3% in the granule egg)
    - Vegetables (min. 2% of which 90% carrot sticks)
    - Vegetable protein extracts
    - Minerals (min 2% grain.)
    - Other sugars
    - Oils and fats
    - Yeast

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