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Canicalm Excel is anti-barking collar of modern conception for small dogs, medium size and big dogs, with adjustable sensitivity and 4 modes (sound, sound and light pulse, sound and rising pulse, sound and strong pulse). Collar is activated by the vocal tract vibration while the dog is barking. It is impossible to activate the collar by other dog. Canicalm Excel is waterproof and its battery last 3 months. With the first bark, collar sends sound warning and stimulation pulse (light or strong - depends on the mode). If the dog stops barking during the 30 seconds collar with the next bark will start working as previously.

Canicalm Excel

  • Barking detection

    Canicalm Excel is activated by the vibration of the neck skin while barking. It responds only for the barking of the dog who is wearing the collar. It is impossible to activate collar by other dog.


    Correction type

    1. only sound

    2. sound + light pulse (for sensible dogs)

    3. sound + rising pulse

    4. sound + stronger pulse (for rough dogs)


    Collar settings

    Canicalm Excel has 3 different modes of correction and you can set the sensitivity in 10 levels for the barking of your dog. It can by simply adjusted for your dog.


    Battery and charging

    Collar Canicalm Excel uses for charging lithium 3V battery CR2. Battery life is around 1 to 3 months




    Anti-barking collar Canicalm Excel is completely waterproof and it can be diped into 1 meter depth. It is suitable for inside and also outside. You can use it while raining or snowing.



     Thanks to the small receiver and 3 levels of pulses Canicalm Excel is suitable for small, medium size and also for big breeds of dogs. It is ideal choice for all dogs between 5 to 90kg.


    Collar lenght

     Canicalm Excel has very strong and quality collar made from plastic. The lenght of the collar is adjustable between 17 to 55cm.



    Canicalm Excel has medium size collar which is shaped very good. The width of the collar is 6cm, height 3,5cm, depth 3,7 and its weight is 77 grams.




    • 4 modes
    • waterproof collar
    • adjustable sensitivity
    • sound warning
    • battery life 3 months
    • vocal tract detection
    • 10 levels of sensitivity


    • necessity to change batteries
    • bigger weight and size of receiver

    Package Content

    • Anti-barking collar
    • Short electrodes
    • Long electrodes
    • Adjustable collar
    • Test lamp
    • Battery
    • Manual
    • Popis produktu
    • Specifikace
    • Parametry
    • Doplňující
    • Diskuze
    • Příslušenství
    • Podobné produkty
    • Report a problem

    How does anti-barking collar help you?

    • to remove the unwanted barking, howling and yelping of the dogs in the apartment or in the garden during your absence
    • to remove the unwanted dogs barking at people, cars, bicycles, animals and various objects
    • to eliminate barking or howling your neighbor's dogs
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