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The Bracco Travel Pet Carrier is a stylish but above all practical carrier that complies with the current IATA guidelines*, making them ideal for transporting pets of most types and sizes by air, sea or land. As well as transporting pets safely, the carriers are also ideal for shows and overnight stays in hotels or when camping. They can even be used at home for crate training. This carrier has plenty of ventilation to keep your pet comfortable. The carriers are made from high quality plastic & metal materials in Italy. 

The Bracco Travel Size 3 features 1 storage compartment, hook for a shoulder belt, one top handle and a water bowl. These carriers also have an extra- large opening door for comfortable access and a fast security spring-lock. 

The Bracco Travel Sizes 4, 5 & 6 feature 2 storage compartments, optional security screws, a water bowl and 2 handles which the front one can be pulled out for trolley function (with wheels attached. Please note that wheels are sold separately). These sizes also feature a lockable metal door. 

IMPORTANT: *Always check with your airline/boat/train company of carrier requirements prior to travel as requirements may vary per company, country and state.  


Travel 1: 47x30x30cm (5-6kg)

Travel 2: 54x34x35,5cm (8kg)
Travel 3: 60x40x38.5cm (8-12kg) 
Travel 4: 70x50x51cm (8-25kg) 
Travel 5: 81x60x61cm (15-40kg)

Travel 6: 92x64x67,5cm (25-50kg)

BRACCO Travel carrier IATA

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