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Hill's Science Plan Mini Light was developed especially for small dog breeds with a tendency to obesity. Low in fat, this tasty food contains chicken and a balanced ratio of nutrients and vitamins.

Hill's Canine Adult Mini Light with Chicken has a low calorie and fat content so it is ideal for dogs aged 1 – 6 years which have a tendency to obesity. It can help them maintain their ideal weight.
It contains 27% less fat and 16% fewer calories than Hill's Canine Adult Mini with Chicken
The low fat content and high roughage content helps your dog to stay slim and to feel full up for longer without reducing the portion size
Hill's Canine Adult Mini Light with Chicken is enriched with L-carnitine which helps to convert fat into energy and to keep your dog lean and trim.
A tasty, precisely balanced complete food for dogs with a tendency to gain weight
Hill's Canine Adult Mini Light with Chicken contains the unique, premium antioxidant formula developed by Hill's to maintain a healthy immune system
For healthy skin and shiny fur

SP Canine Adult LIGHT Mini with Chicken

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