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Baked and crispy sticks Puck Puur for birds
The fruit and egg bars Puur for canaries are a healthy complementary food with which your bird will have fun for hours. Its special composition provides energy and vitality, while offering a beneficial and entertaining activity for the animal. In addition, they are completely natural, without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
The Snack Puur is an ideal food for the day to day of the Canaries, with a wide variety of ingredients that contribute to optimal health. The bars are baked and crispy to satisfy the taste of the birds. With them you not only provide an extra vitamin to your canary, but you also offer a hobby that keeps you busy, avoiding boredom and stress. In addition, they are easily hung from the cage thanks to the upper plastic hitch.
Puur Snack has different bars for birds such as canaries, parakeets, tropical birds, agapornis and cacatuas. Some of the ingredients they use are quality seeds, fruits, peanuts and honey.
Bird seeds bars.
Baked and crispy
Pure flavor, without preservatives or artificial aromas.
It offers entertainment and fun.
Avoid stress.
It hangs easily from the cage.


60 g (2 bars)

PUUR Canary Snack with Fruit and Egg

  • Ingredients: grains, seeds, fruits (4% apple, 2% pear) 2.4% dry egg.

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