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Oral hygiene product with chlorhexidine for carnivorous pets

Box of 1 x 50 ml tube with soft tooth-brush and fingerstall

BUCOGEL, Dental gel

  • Properties:
    BUCOGEL is specially designed for carnivorous pets. Its novel formulation provides:
    – Good mouth hygiene, preventing bad breath and inflamed gums,
    – Effective de-scaling and polishing that does not harm tooth enamel,
    – Long-lasting anti-plaque action,
    – High acceptability by animals.

    In carnivorous pets, oral hygiene:
    – Fights dental plaque and bad breath,
    – Help removing scale,
    – Keeps clean after de-scaling.

    Oral use.
    – Apply BUCOGEL with a toothbrush, a finger protector or some compress, or put it directly in the mouth, spreading the gel evenly under the chops or directly over the tongue (5 millimetres to 3 centimetres of gel according to the animal’s size).
    – Brush or rub the teeth thoroughly with a rotary movement. About 1 minute is needed for each jaw.
    – Do not wash out the animal’s mouth. BUCOGEL can be safely swallowed and its persistence in the mouth helps prolong its beneficial effects.
    Repeat 2 to 3 times a week, or once a day if necessary.

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